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We are a consulting company.

Our specialty is financial administration in foodservice, which assumes the calculation of costs, prices, profit margins per food unit along with profitability analysis. We offer solutions to avoid bankruptcy both of new and old outlets in the foodservice.

Our work's tool.

Our work tool is a software of gastronomy and finance to help foodservice managers how to figure out cost, price, profit, taxes and profitability of menus. The software's author worked in metallurgical companies and found impressive resemblances between manufacturing processes by job orders and food preparation at the kitchen. On both cases the goal is the same: quality assurance, cost, price, profit, taxes and profitability.

Our professional qualification.

As executive of large mutinational companies, the author accumulated vast experience in managerial techniques, financial planning and control focusing the company's most important goal of all:

Turn out profits, pay dividends to stockholders, taxes to the state, quality assurance, customer satisfaction and company growth;
Updated knowledge of corporate income tax, excise taxes, and social security legislation, which are indispensable tools to figure out cost, price, profit and taxes;
Computers knowledge and fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Academic Education.

Post-graduate in Financial Administration - FAAP/São Paulo-Brazil;
Master's Degree in Business Administration - The University of Tennessee, USA;
Graduate in Economics and Accounting-University of La Paz - Bolivia.

Professional achievement.

The author is Brazilian, and acted as manager, board executive and private consultant for:
Several metallurgical companies, electrical terminals, aluminum framing and restaurants;
Woodward Governor Ltd. (prime mover controls for turbines);
Krupp Metalurgical Campo Limpo Ltd. (automobile spare parts);
São Paulo Alpargatas, SA (textile and shoes);
Klabin Irmãos & Cia. (paper and pulp).
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